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Salad Ways War on Waste

War on Waste

After watching the recent ABC series, War on Waste, I decided that I should address a couple of issues. The first being packaging!

Although we try to use as little packaging as possible, we have been using soft plastic bags for salad leaves.

We have been looking to source an alternative. There are compostable bags available but mainly for bin liners, dog poo or nappies, so not really appropriate for putting salad in!

In the coming weeks we will be trialling some plant based, compostable alternatives, but we still ask our customers to return any packaging for re-use whenever possible. This includes our reusable $30 Veggie Boxes and $20 Veggie Bags which are hessian.

The second issue that the programme raised for me was the waste produced by the standards for fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets.

To see the mountains of bananas being discarded and destroyed certainly shocked me. However, in the past I have been guilty of selecting items because of their appearance.

More recently, since growing our own food, I have become much less fussy! I’m now more concerned with nutrition and flavour than appearance.

Some of the veggies we grow, particularly carrots and parsnips, simply refuse to grow in one straight root so in future these less than perfect specimens will make it into our boxes and bags.

In the mean time I will keep trying to improve the soil to make it more friable in the hope that these roots will grow just a little bit straighter!

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