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Friends of Salad Ways


We appreciate the support of our friends and local businesses, and in turn support them where possible.



They include:


Snout in the Trough


The Butcher’s Cut


Koallah Farm


Mount Leura Garlic


Camperdown Compost


Cooinda Terang

Photo Gallery
Camperdown Compost Tony Peter
Camperdown Compost - Peter looking disturbed by Tony's suggestion he should wear a sandwich board
Camperdown Compost Bruce
One of many Ute loads of manure from the Evan's farm. Bruce grinning and checking he's left some for Nick to shovel up.
Shawn and Tanya
Shawn and Tanya - always positive, giving us nothing but support and encouragement, oh and their calf shed bedding for mulch
Geoffrey and David
Geoffrey and David - These two have given me (Nick) so much Sh*t! 🙂 No ... manure of course. Couldn't get a photo of Phyllis. Good people - generous to a fault.
Pam - a keen gardner and great horse women lets us have any manure she doesn't use on her own garden