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Salad Ways Nick Haywood

CSA in Camperdown

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a model of food production that connects food producers directly to their customers.
The principle is that growers supply directly to their members through a subscription model.
The member makes a commitment for a period of time, generally buying ‘shares’ in a producer’s harvest in advance, therefore sharing the cost and risks of farming along with the bounty.
CSA started in Japan in the 1970’s and is now widespread and growing around the world.

Australia has a small but growing CSA movement, as more producers look for a deeper connection with their customers and consumers take greater interest in how the food they eat is produced. 

We greatly value the relationship we have with our customers, are always keen to increase the diversity of what we grow and improve our seasonal planning. In this context, we recently moved to a membership model of mutual benefit, akin to CSA.
We were a little nervous about asking our customers to make a minimum quarterly commitment but they were all happy to sign up. If they go on holiday, they gift their box to a friend or relative or even the dogsitter!
Our next quarterly membership begins in July so if you are interested in joining and would like to try a box or bag before then, contact me on 0437 443 109 or fiona@saladways.com.au.
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