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Broad Beans or Fava if you’d Rather

I hadn’t eaten broad beans much before we started growing them but Nick’s mum grew them when he was a child so when we started growing our own vegetables, he insisted that we try to grow some.

We’ve grown them for several years now with mixed results but last year, before the veggie box business got going. We had the mother of all broad bean crops. Not only were we eating them most days but our friends were given them on a regular basis.

These versatile beans can be used for much more than a side dish. The tender, young beans are a great addition to salads, springtime soups and stews. Some people eat the whole pod while they are still young. Use whatever you have in the fridge to make a dip – yoghurt, ricotta, sour cream or fetta, whizzed up with a little garlic, cooked beans and fresh herbs.

As the beans get bigger I use them to make spicy roasted broad beans, a great nibble to have with drinks!

They also make a great substitute for dried pulses in dahl and similar recipes. I even made broad bean pod wine, which was surprisingly good, if a little strong.

So go on, try something a little different with broad beans while they’re still in season.

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